Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fund Raiser Tee Shirts Are In!!!!

"That's How I Roll" tee shirts are completed and on sale now. I will get them on the website once I take pictures of them. I will also share the pictures here and on FB. They are a heather gray shirt with the print in white and black of a dragon rolling dice.

The sales for these tee shirts will go straight to savings that is funding the costs to open a brick and mortar store. These shirts are soft and cool. Short sleeves are only $20 and the long sleeves are $25. I have from small to 3L sizes. *I have to add tax, sorry folks. :-( * More details later. Here's your chance to support a future local game store that is already plugged into the local community, schools and gamers. Email me if you're interested.


  1. Cool Deal! Can't wait to get mine! Oooo - do you have the drawing that Unique Designs did to post here like you did on Facebook?
    Coo coo cachu!

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