Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anima Tactics and Heroscape

It’s been over a week on the blogging. No real excuses except that things have been very busy around here! I’ve also been thinking a lot about the next steps for Roll2Play. Improving the blogging and You Tube for sure! Now that we hooked up with Clan of the Fanboys, we will have more videos to share from them. They interviewed us and are a lot of fun. We sent them some games to try out for FREE! I will also be investing in the new iPhone. This will make creating videos on the spot quick and easy to upload to YouTube. I am also working on how to add a news fee or RSS to the site along with a link to the blogging. It’s all been part of the plan, but I have a lot of learning to do, technical learning.

Roll2play is definitely going to expand our product line in the next two months to include miniature gaming. We are starting with Anima Tactics and Heroscape. These games are fairly new to the miniature gaming industry and are quickly becoming high demand. I got to meet a rep from Anima Tactics and he taught me how to play. It was a lot of fun. You can place with as little as three heroes or build an army for a more epic game play. The stats are all on the character’s card. That means no memorization. He also recommended what packs and heroes to start with. My partner, Becky, and I wanted to learn how to play Heroscape recently. We did this by joining a tournament and checking out how to play Heroscape videos. We had a blast!! Everyone was so welcoming and fun loving. We even won a prize! Then again they did have enough prizes for everyone. No one left empty handed. We are definitely going to enter more tournaments! We will keep you posted as to win the products are in stock and on the site.

Last but not least, I wanted to let everyone know that the ever so popular Munchkin games by Steve Jackson Games are getting updated to include multiple colors. That will be so cool!! I can’t wait to check this out. I have some of the cards left that will now be considered out of print. *hint* Buy now as these will go fast. As soon as the distributor has the new updated cards in stock, I will replenish the Munchkin games. I expect that to be in the next month.

Coming up events:

*End of Summer Reading club event at Lake Cities Library on July 29th. We will be demo-ing games. We will also have games for sale to help fund raise for the library.
*Gen Con August 4th – 8th to scope out new games. I will be getting my gaming on with my brother. We are serious gamers and are looking forward to being with other serious gamers.
*Dallas Comic Con August 28th and 29th as a vendor. Come check out the con and see us in the dealer’s room.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roll2Play future is looking good!

I read an article about Gordon Lugauer and his store, The Board Game Barrister. This was very inspiring to me and exactly what I needed to hear. His family owns two stores that has gained an older following. They have successful open gaming nights and many many regulars. Gordon admits not being rich, but very happy.

Part of this article as discussed the growing gaming industry. I built Roll2Play at the perfect time!! As you all know, I am trying hard to grow Roll2Play to the point of having a real brick and mortar store. This place will have a coffee shop feel that will be inviting, warm and relaxing. Roll2Play is growing and Hubby is very supportive. It’s just a matter of when. I want to make sure we have $$ in the bank and a grand huge opening. I already have people that want to help spread the word when I open. I am very excited, but trying hard to stay cool, level headed and patient. Solid decisions must be made to be successful!!

Meanwhile, I am gaining momentum locally. I have been asked more and more to talk to groups on the gaming industry or bringing game night back into households. I love doing that!! I plan to continue to expand my event calendar to more schools and even start selling my wares in the lobbies of the corporate headquarters around here. Online visits are steadily growing. Sales are still sporadic, but with time and more exposure to Roll2Play as a ‘big’ name this will pick up too.

Keep on rolling!


Monday, June 14, 2010

June gameline, product and website updates for Roll2Play

Roll2Play is going after Lego Company. Why you may ask? Because they have a fantastic line of games that we want to carry. Our distribution doesn’t carry Lego products yet. We tried to contact Lego about two months ago with no response. It’s time to step it up! Just check out how cool these games are!

We will keep you posted as soon as we start carrying these innovative and imaginative games by Lego!

Meanwhile, we are adding Heroscape back to our line of products to offer. The owner had to take her time on understanding the system. *insert rolling eyes* Why carry a game when the staff can’t speak to it, right? Heroscape is a wonder gaming system by Hasbro. It’s for ages 8 and up. It’s got the flavor of Warhammer, but without the painting. The terrains are variety as well as all the awesome characters and factions. We got to play it over the last weekend and had a blast!

One last thing before the blog ends. Please checkout the website. We are updating the categories to make shopping and browsing even easier. For instance, Settlers of Catan has their own category, along with Munchkin, Heroscape and Killer Bunnies. These game lines just have too much going on! Those folks that want to focus on those games and all the expansions will have a much easier time now.

Send us your comments and questions.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big Promotion on the Website for June

First of all, Risk: Halo wars is finally back in stock. We have it!!! Secondly, we are running a 15% off everything sale for June. It's summer time, perfect for playing games when it's way too freaking hot outside!

OK, now that I've promoted my website, I have to tell you. I am still not tired of Puerto Rico. I love that game! We played it yesterday along with a bunch of other games. I love having games that everyone loves! Big grins!!!

Next, I now have monthly Game Night events with the Lake Cities Library every fourth Wednesday and the Coppell YMCA every second Friday. It's getting exciting. I have a press release posted with the Star Community Paper and it is posted as an event in Facebook. I hope to see you there!

Coppell YMCA: Friday June 11th at 6:00 pm. Game to play is Munchkin! Munchkin Booty, Munkchin original and one more that I haven't decided on you. I will bring some others just for a little variety.

Lake Cities Library: Wednesday August 25th. First game to share will be Sherlock! Great game for Elementary kids and (believe or not) adults!

Tell your friends!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awesome Game Companies

I am absolutely amazed with the games that are out there these days. It's not your traditional classic games anymore. My focus in this blog is Z-Man games. I have played two of their games and have falling in love all over again with games.

Pandemic is fantastic and intense! It's a co-operative games where everyone has a role. The goal is to snuff out the diseases that pop up around the world. If you can eradicate the diseases, you win the game. But it's just not that easy. As you draw cards and continue with the game, diseases will pop up. Sometimes the disease will be a pandemic and spread like wild fire. It's a great game and the rules are easy to follow. Play it once and you will be addicted.

Wasabi is one of their newest games. I know that this will be a huge hit at anime conventions where anything Japanese is wanted. Nothing like a game that you get to make sushi recipes. You gather ingredient tiles and action cards. Each chef places the tiles on the board matching the recipes that they have in their hand. If you complete a recipe with style you get bonus points in the form of wasabi cubes. This game is charming! You get little wasabi bowls and menus to hold your tiles.

As a reminder for you folks out there, Roll2Play has 10% everything off everything for the month of May. We have plenty of Pandemic and Wasabi in stock. Let me know if you have questions. I am trying to get pictures of the games and will post those later.

Have a great Sunday and here's to bringing people to the table through games!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Blog by Roll2Play

We are finally at the point that it is time to get into blogging. It's time to step up our network of gaming friends. Our goal with blogging is to describe new games that we are offering and why they should be in your household. We sell many awesome and award winning games. These games are ranked highly by other folks that play them. Check out our website Right now everything is 10% off.

Games have come a long way since the days of the classic Monopoly and Clue games. When we demonstrate these new games, it makes us smile when people get so involved that they can't sit down. That happened at our last event at the Coppell YMCA Friday night event. Refreshing the games in homes, libraries, schools and daycares is what we want to do.

We also plan to share new events that Roll2Play is sponsoring, hosting or even participating in. We will share any good news as we grow. Most of the Blogging with be done by Tiffany Franzoni, the founder of Roll2Play. Tiffany finds neat articles about games or important people in the gaming industry. She will be sure to share that will you as well. You will also see blogs from the other folks that support and get involved with Roll2Play.

As for our fans, we welcome articles, thoughts or even just sharing your ideas.

Here's to blogging!!

Roll2Play Staff