Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Blog by Roll2Play

We are finally at the point that it is time to get into blogging. It's time to step up our network of gaming friends. Our goal with blogging is to describe new games that we are offering and why they should be in your household. We sell many awesome and award winning games. These games are ranked highly by other folks that play them. Check out our website Right now everything is 10% off.

Games have come a long way since the days of the classic Monopoly and Clue games. When we demonstrate these new games, it makes us smile when people get so involved that they can't sit down. That happened at our last event at the Coppell YMCA Friday night event. Refreshing the games in homes, libraries, schools and daycares is what we want to do.

We also plan to share new events that Roll2Play is sponsoring, hosting or even participating in. We will share any good news as we grow. Most of the Blogging with be done by Tiffany Franzoni, the founder of Roll2Play. Tiffany finds neat articles about games or important people in the gaming industry. She will be sure to share that will you as well. You will also see blogs from the other folks that support and get involved with Roll2Play.

As for our fans, we welcome articles, thoughts or even just sharing your ideas.

Here's to blogging!!

Roll2Play Staff

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