Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awesome Game Companies

I am absolutely amazed with the games that are out there these days. It's not your traditional classic games anymore. My focus in this blog is Z-Man games. I have played two of their games and have falling in love all over again with games.

Pandemic is fantastic and intense! It's a co-operative games where everyone has a role. The goal is to snuff out the diseases that pop up around the world. If you can eradicate the diseases, you win the game. But it's just not that easy. As you draw cards and continue with the game, diseases will pop up. Sometimes the disease will be a pandemic and spread like wild fire. It's a great game and the rules are easy to follow. Play it once and you will be addicted.

Wasabi is one of their newest games. I know that this will be a huge hit at anime conventions where anything Japanese is wanted. Nothing like a game that you get to make sushi recipes. You gather ingredient tiles and action cards. Each chef places the tiles on the board matching the recipes that they have in their hand. If you complete a recipe with style you get bonus points in the form of wasabi cubes. This game is charming! You get little wasabi bowls and menus to hold your tiles.

As a reminder for you folks out there, Roll2Play has 10% everything off everything for the month of May. We have plenty of Pandemic and Wasabi in stock. Let me know if you have questions. I am trying to get pictures of the games and will post those later.

Have a great Sunday and here's to bringing people to the table through games!!

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