Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roll2Play future is looking good!

I read an article about Gordon Lugauer and his store, The Board Game Barrister. This was very inspiring to me and exactly what I needed to hear. His family owns two stores that has gained an older following. They have successful open gaming nights and many many regulars. Gordon admits not being rich, but very happy.

Part of this article as discussed the growing gaming industry. I built Roll2Play at the perfect time!! As you all know, I am trying hard to grow Roll2Play to the point of having a real brick and mortar store. This place will have a coffee shop feel that will be inviting, warm and relaxing. Roll2Play is growing and Hubby is very supportive. It’s just a matter of when. I want to make sure we have $$ in the bank and a grand huge opening. I already have people that want to help spread the word when I open. I am very excited, but trying hard to stay cool, level headed and patient. Solid decisions must be made to be successful!!

Meanwhile, I am gaining momentum locally. I have been asked more and more to talk to groups on the gaming industry or bringing game night back into households. I love doing that!! I plan to continue to expand my event calendar to more schools and even start selling my wares in the lobbies of the corporate headquarters around here. Online visits are steadily growing. Sales are still sporadic, but with time and more exposure to Roll2Play as a ‘big’ name this will pick up too.

Keep on rolling!


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